Existing Leaders Bundle


Understanding everyone and everything going on around you. Your teammates’ thoughts incentivize or hinder their actions and team results. Delve into their mindset and genuinely begin to understand what makes them tick.

Learning to navigate the obstacles

Mid-level leadership's objective is working through changes, hardships and developing a bond with your team for greater success and teamwork. As a mid-level leader, you have already established yourself as a confident captain and begun to utilize your style and rhythm to extract results. Now it's time to build up your team from within. The VCG Existing Leaders Bundle supplies you with the core skills needed to bond with your team and build their confidence in you as their leader. Learn concepts of being an emotionally intelligent leader, building high-performing teams, leading through changes, and leading through conflict.

Turning battle into opportunity

You've got your feet under you as a team leader; now, let's address getting the team behind your decisions. We designed this bundle to enhance the mid-level existing leader with a complete set of top leadership skills for bringing your team in line behind you. The true measure of a good leader is how well their team is doing, not how well they perform alone. After completing this program, your team will work through conflict and change together like a well-oiled machine. One's success will trickle down to others, and the entire team will see success.