Executive Leaders Bundle


The objective of executive leadership is to learn how your teammates’ thoughts incentivize or hinder their actions and results. You’ll delve into their mindset and genuinely begin to understand what makes them tick and what is sure to stop their progress and momentum. This next level of leadership comes with understanding everyone and everything going on around you. You’ll learn how your teammate’s thoughts factor into the results. This bundle teaches you concepts in leading a multi-generational workforce, extracting excellence and leveraging the science of success in neuro-leadership, the five C’s of high-performing teams, and seven secrets of leading through a crisis. The VCG Executive Leaders Bundle furnishes the nucleus of what brings you to that next leadership level. Successful executives don’t just put on a suit. They gain knowledge to back up decisions.

Being executive material, not just wearing a suit

Finding those executive details hidden within you

Here, you're going to prove to the organization why your influence matters. This bundle provides the aspiring or existing executive leader with a defined complete set of top leadership skills for overall organizational success. You have already made your way up the ladder, and now it's time to move the organization in the same direction as your heading - UP! After this program, you'll possess the skills to move the entire organization in new directions. Let us help you drive the business you've spent your life on to your desired level of lifestyle. The business grows with you and because of you. Take command of your moment.