VCG Coaching Services

Dr. Scott has helped countless individuals unlock their true and highest potential through science. Whether you are looking to increase productivity in your personal life or become a more effective leader at your company, the VCG Method™ will help you achieve the goals you’re longing to meet and the life you deserve to have.


Focus Areas

Personal Development

Develop skills and habits to help you learn how to overcome obstacles and grow personally.

Executive Coaching

Discover the art and science of operating at peak performance, sustainably.

Leadership Training

Develop the essential skills, backed by data, to lead with purpose and passion.

Online Courses

Choose from a library of courses designed for those who crave growth on demand.

Transformational Leadership Roadmap

Leadership is a journey. Review the Transformational Leadership Roadmap below and follow the holistic levels or choose the course that best fits your needs.

Level 1

Self-Awareness & Learning Styles

Communication Styles

Time & Project Management

Level 2

7 Rules to Making Meetings Work

Goal Setting & Action Planning

Discovering Your Leadership Voice

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Level 3

Leading through Change

Leading Through Conflict

Leading through Crisis

Building High-Performing Teams

Level 4

Leading a Multigenerational Workforce

5 Cs of High-Performing Organizations

Neuroleadership: Performance Science

Transformational Leadership