About Dr. Scott, EdD.

Dr. Scott has spent over twenty years mastering how the brain works and has distilled it down to a simple, achievable program, the VCG Method™. The VCG Method™ was purpose-built to increase peak performance and optimal mental health worldwide for companies and private clients. His namesake VCG Method™ uses scientifically proven exercises and trade secret accountability tactics battle-tested with executives at global corporations. In addition to his coaching practice, Scott is also a keynote speaker and published author; his works include Leading with Virtue and The Tao of Leadership. Dr. Scott also hosts the Inspired Leadership podcast to ensure his learnings are available to all; listen for free on your favorite podcast app.

The VCG Method™

This proprietary method used by Dr. Scott is powered by science to create long-term, sustainable habits. Learn more about the method implemented by the likes of Olympic athletes and C-Suite executives.


The science behind limiting beliefs is very clear; if we dwell in a space of negativity and set emotions, we’ll never grow. Through fixed narratives, we’ve told ourselves it’s not possible. The VCG Method™ teaches clients how to recognize the brain-based narratives that hold them back from having a fulfilled life and career.


As a client grows to understand the triggers identified in the science phase, they can begin to more swiftly address their emotions and actions. A personally-tailored strategy for each individual will be developed in order to move them toward peak performance.


Finally, we identify the steps needed to create sustainable change and growth. It is our mission to give each client the tools, strategies, and skills to call upon their Warrior Mindset™ whenever they need it – ultimately becoming a way of life.

Dr. Scott has used the VCG Method™ model throughout his career AND personal life. Most notably in the area of fitness; completing more than 35 endurance events from half-marathons and triathlons, culminating in an Ironman race.



Scott never made me feel like he didn’t have skin in the game with me. I know that I can exceed expectations today, because of learning how to let go of the limiting beliefs I had about myself, and my career trajectory.


This was the one thing I’ve done for myself in my career to get me to the next level – and I’ve already signed up for the program a second time! It has been a game-changer all the way around!


I really didn’t know what to expect when I began the program with Dr. Vinciguerra, but the ability to connect with the deep thoughts inside me, to bring out the maximum effort inside me, to reach my potential in the areas of mental preparation and peak performance – I owe that to Dr. Vinciguerra! He was essential in my ability to reach my life goal of becoming an Olympic athlete, competing on the world stage at the highest level, and I can’t thank him enough for helping me get there!