The 5 C’s of High-Performing Organizations

This article offers leaders a chance to explore five critical components linked to high-performance: Connectivity, Collaboration, Creativity, Common Purpose, and Celebrations.

When you think about your organization, do you see it as high-performing? What images come to mind regarding high-performance? Are you strategically positioned to weather a financial or external crisis? Can you easily be knocked off your game by a disruption? Do the company’s values reflect the types of people you recruit as potential employees? These are a few of the short list of questions we use to help organizations determine their sustainability. This article offers leaders a chance to explore five critical components linked to high-performance: 


This first element is discovering the attributes that connect individuals working on a team. The multiple ways in which employees have commonality, synergy, similar value systems, and how these attributes play a role in their collective understanding of high performance are the foundation of trust in any relationship. If you, as the leader, are responsible for building your team, you must get them to connect with each other.



Identifying the rules of engagement for successful collaboration within the organization increases your chances of strengthening the first step of connectivity. Unpacking the norms/values of what collaboration looks like, sounds like, and feels like from each layer of the organization teaches everyone involved what they should expect from each other.



Creative minds offer organizations a wealth of opportunities for innovation across the spectrum of business. However, what often gets overlooked is how organizations approach creativity and the creative process and having a ‘home’ for creative ideas to take shape. Take a deep dive into what creativity could look like for your organization, as well as how to leverage that creativity in your market.


Common Purpose

The highest-performing organizations have a laser-like focus on their purpose. Getting that message to be sustainable and pervasive within the organization is the task of leadership. While strategic plans can provide a roadmap of incredible ideas, the journey often loses momentum when disruption knocks at the door. Work to learn the true meaning of commitment from the business perspective and understand how shared purpose and collective responsibility lay the foundation for future success.


How much time are we spending on celebration? Do we honor the people AND the work? What makes high-performing organizations unique is how they design their celebrations to match their effort. These aren’t ‘happy-hour’ moments. They are intentional, planned activities that reflect the effort that individuals and teams dedicate to their employer. Get creative in your planning of celebrations so that each team member gets recognized for their contributions.

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