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Meet Dr. Scott, powerhouse leadership development coach and Doctor of Education with a focus in Neuroscience. Dr. Scott empowers companies and private clients to operate at peak performance and optimal mental health through the VCG Method™.

About Dr. Scott, EdD.

Dr. Scott has spent over twenty years mastering how the brain works and has distilled it down to a simple, achievable program, the VCG Method™. The VCG Method™ was purpose-built to increase peak performance and optimal mental health worldwide for companies and private clients. His namesake VCG Method™ uses scientifically proven exercises and trade secret accountability tactics battle-tested with executives at global corporations.

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VCG’s Coaching Services allow businesses and individuals to master the VCG Method™ in an array of custom formats. Personal Development is for those looking to build successful habits, Executive Coaching and Leadership Training for those looking to achieve the next level of professional advancement, and Online Courses for those who crave growth on-demand.

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I really didn’t know what to expect when I began the program with Dr. Vinciguerra, but the ability to connect with the deep thoughts inside me, to bring out the maximum effort inside me, to reach my potential in the areas of mental preparation and peak performance – I owe that to Dr. Vinciguerra!

Anthony Watson

Jamaican Olympic Bobsled Team