Emerging Leaders Bundle


No one reaches the sky without their wings

The objective of entry-level leadership is to learn how best to help and support those around you. You're now a leader, not a peer; learning the transition and the know-how can be a difficult place to stand. You're not alone. The VCG Emerging Leaders Bundle supplies you with the core skills needed to excel in your new position. Learn concepts in self-awareness, communication styles, developing your leadership voice, and how to make meetings work. When you build your core leadership skills, you'll realize you can reach heights not previously imagined.
This new leadership position is right for you, so prove it to everyone. We've grouped this bundle specifically to provide the emerging leader with a complete set of top leadership skills for beginning leadership success. Having mastery over these skills along with broadened knowledge raises you up the rungs of the emerging leader ladder faster and smarter than those around you. After this program, your new leadership position will soar, and you'll prove to yourself, as well as others, that you have what it takes to to achieve the success you desire. Accelerate your career, and the company to new levels. Let us help you find your wings.