Goal Setting, the Top 7 Actions to Get Massive Results

Around mid-December of each calendar year, folks usually start to think about what changes they’d like to make in the upcoming year. Lose a few pounds, get on track financially, tie-up loose ends, you get the picture. Don’t lose momentum and fail to get the key result you intended. Follow these seven goal setting steps to reach your objectives successfully.

Commit to the goal setting theory.


The science behind successfully achieving your long term goal is science of the brain. Your motivation must be intentional. You have to force change to get different results. If you can commit, you can get massive results. But first, you must convince your brain that the effort will be worth it. Why? Because the brain will always go back to the path of least resistance. Effective goal setting starts with your goal commitment frame of mind. So, whether you’ve multiple goals or one big goal, your challenge begins with mastery over your mindset. Set yourself on the path that you can accomplish large goals with the correct state of mind. Prove to yourself it is possible to change and further change will follow. Continually remind yourself to motivate your brain in response to the change.

How to set goals – 7 actions to goal setting success.

Set a goal statement and take time to create images in your mind of the success you desire. You absolutely can get results in advance before you go about doing the work. Consequently, carve out time each day to see your progress and achievement. Seeing your success in your mind’s eye builds habits that provide momentum to reach goal achievement milestones.

Challenging goals require personal commitment. Most of us dwell in the decision step of our goal setting process. However, if you think about a time in your life when you achieved something incredible, that’s what commitment looks like. Difficult goals don’t come easy. To achieve an important goal, you must commit. Achieving smaller goals along the way helps you to get there. However, it is your unwavering commitment that broke down the doors to conquer whatever fears or limitations you perceived.

Don’t go in alone! Resourcefulness is a skill that is equally important as your resolve. You’re putting a lot of hard work into achieving your objective. Finding support through your journey is ideal for getting results and success. There are plenty of available resources at your fingertips that can assist. Whether you’re starting a career goal, individual goal, or lifetime goals, having a means of support helps you stay on track and be accountable. Consider motivation and support from friends, clubs, coaching, inspirational books, partners that share your goal planning, a success journal, social media, or any other forms of aid. Having a support system helps reach your desired outcome. Even something as simple as daily affirmations regarding your individual goal can motivate you to continue achieving goals. By becoming resourceful in your supplies for guidance, and motivation, your task will become far more manageable.

To get massive results, you have to change your standard. Understanding that you want to change, hence your goal setting plan, means what was once acceptable is no longer tolerable. Changing your standard everyday actions to get the key result means creating new habits. Changing habits is difficult, but a lot easier when you’re committed to your aspirations. Remember your specific goal and why you choose it. A habit is nothing more than a continued action you’re familiar with. Change those actions, and you’ll see different results.

Giving 1% more does not mean working harder; it means narrowing your focus on your individual goal. When we feel less motivated, our standards diminish. Don’t even think about going there! Focus on continuous and never-ending improvement. When your focus continues to narrow toward your set goal, you’ll discover that you automatically give yourself just a little bit more every day. Smart goal setting is always striving, forever hungry, and continually learning and growing. Focus on the measurable goal and narrow in on the goal commitment. Never lose sight of your focus and the reasons why you began your task.

To get massive results, you must take massive action. All of these steps are changes. Don’t fear change and allow yourself to become an obstacle. Believe in yourself. You can do more, be more, live more, give more, and love more. By heightening your attitudes and dispositions, you begin to live your life at the next level. Progress is change.

In case you haven’t realized it yet, this is a strategic plan for your goal setting success. Wash, rinse, and repeat this 7 step action plan! You do not achieve dreams overnight, but with a solid plan, you’ll get the success you strive for and the outcome you desire and deserve. Congratulate yourself on each step throughout your journey.

Why is it important to set realistic goals?


While we always encourage you to reach within and pull out the strength, courage, and commitment to accomplish any task, it’s essential to set realistic goals. You can achieve any goal you set your mind to, but always be practical in your goal-setting process. For instance, if you want to lose 100lbs, you can do that, but it would be unrealistic to try and set a goal of losing 100lbs in one week. It’s important to set realistic goals, so you do not set yourself up for failure. A smart goal has a practical timeline and a plan of continual progress. Failure reduces or stops your motivation to reach your end goal. So, whether you have a long-term goal or a short-term goal, always set an achievable goal plan in action.

How do I make an achievable goal plan?


First, devise a goal statement. A goal statement should clearly define your specific goal and the outcome you’re looking to achieve. Next, divide your end goal into smaller goals. Have each tiny goal be a measurable job you’re accountable for. Provide yourself a task associated with the timeline. In doing so, you’ll see physical progress in reaching the total goal achievement. Further, if something interrupts the goal’s progress, realign the goal-setting action plan and get back on track.

Create a personal goal mission statement.


Mission statements define organizations. A mission statement provides a clear vision and purpose for the long term goal as well as motivation to an organization’s employees. Corporate America thrives on mission statements. So why not make one for yourself? Setting a mission statement helps you identify the ultimate steps needed to reach a professional goal. You can use the same process for a personal goal as well. Sticking to the mission statement helps you focus your efforts and prevents you from wandering off track from the mission’s vision and goal accomplishment. Accomplishing a personal mission statement also provides a feeling of great empowerment.

Are you ready to start goal setting?


Vinciguerra Consulting Group helps hundreds of individuals create, set, and follow through on their goal-setting action plan. If you want individualized help setting a personal or professional goal, contact a personal coach today. Start the path to the best you await within.