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Transformational Leadership – online course.


The ability to be a transformational leader requires you to have a mindset of potential for your team and organization. Additionally, it requires you to go above and beyond in everything you say and do. It requires you to have a clear vision, an environment of inclusion, exceptionally strong relationships, and a foundation principled in virtues that serve others and add value. Transformational leaders embrace ambiguity, understand the importance of leverage, have a sound and polished competence of politics in their industry.


While there are people who can have transformational dispositions, values, and virtues, it’s unlikely they have the range of influence that a CEO, or CFO, or CIO, or any other “C”-suite title may possess.  You could be in mid-management, and demonstrate empathy, courage, or civility – you don’t have to withhold that from your direct reports.  The difference, at least as it will be articulated in this course, is differentiated by influence.  And by influence, I mean the type of influence that with the flip of a switch, the individual can get change, or innovation, or systems to be more effective, efficient, or downright bad-ass (but in a good way).  These are the dragon slayers, the warriors, and the people who when they walk into a room, command respect, but never demand it.  The have presence, and their presence is due to their intelligence and savvy.


What this course aims to do is celebrate that experience by attending to a template of ideas that fall into the realm of becoming, living, and exiting with a transformational mindset.  Being both part of the process from within, yet delegative enough to trust others to do the work for them.  It is betwixt and between.  A foot in both places, simultaneously, always adding value and giving more than could ever be returned.  And never being regretful for it.