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Understanding your perspectives on leadership is the first step in the journey toward discovering your voice. With professional and life experiences, we begin to shape an understanding of what we value in leadership, as well as what we gravitate toward in leading others.


One of the most exciting aspects of leadership is being able to take a group of people from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’ in a way that they likely could not have gotten on their own. That, by definition, is a coach. I want you to see yourself in that light – as the head coach of your team. You will be responsible for assembling everything from how the team goes about engaging with each other, how you hold a premium to the commitments of accountability, allocation of resources, allowing certain teammates to shine in certain circumstances, as well as taking all the blame when the team misses the mark, and delivering all the credit to the team when it succeeds.


As the head coach, you must possess an array of skills to manage the team toward peak performance. You must know when to accelerate the pace of the work with deadlines and expectations, other times you will have to be a psychologist and get into the minds of your team. You’ll have to be the cheerleader to inspire and motivate, as well as the person who challenges the team to be more and give more, to and for each other. It sounds exhausting, and it is. The head coach wears many hats, and never gets a day off, which is why being the head coach can be equally stressful, yet simultaneously seductive and rewarding. Throughout this course, you will learn the secrets to extracting massive results for yourself, and your team, explore strategies, tools, and skills to elevate your leadership influence, and get your team consistently delivering at their peak.