7 Secrets for Managing and Leading through Crisis

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7 Secrets for managing and leading through Crisis – Online Course.



As we deal with the global issues and the ever-changing terrain of business, we’re all in the same boat. Yet, it’s very different for leaders. The expectation of a leader is to be the problem-solver for everything. In this course, you’ll learn how to step into the leadership role and step-up for your team. Enter the mind of your teammates and engage in solutions to their concerns. Crisis management starts at the top.


Leaders must join the current situation and enter conversations already going on in the minds and brains of their team. They learn the importance of giving more of themselves and serve more than ever before. Furthermore, managers meet people where they are in their uncertainty or grief. They also become problem solvers, and critical thinkers, at times’ on-the-fly’ based on their current data. They must deliver on their capabilities consistently. Most of all, they must demonstrate a level of empathy that measures up exclusively, with honest conversations, and authenticity.

In this course, we’ll explore seven secrets to access daily with your team. When practiced consistently, each one works to diminish the fear, anxiety, stress, and uncertainty that we all feel at varying levels. Knowing how to respond to a crisis and providing leadership are critical to your success.