Leading Through Conflict

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Leading Through Conflict – online course.


Human beings have been dealing with conflict for as long as they have inhabited Earth. Which is, give or take, about 2 million years! After all this time, you’d think we’d be able to get it right. Still, we continue to fall short. Human beings encountered MASSIVE challenges and conflicts in that span of time. Struggles not just from species of other humans, but from other species, from nature, plagues and insurgence, and even conflict with the self.


As a species, the challenge we all face is determining how we choose to handle our conflicts. If a co-worker upsets you with their words or actions, and you lash out at them in a verbal tirade, you’re not trying to resolve the circumstance. You, by instinct, are trying to survive. Therein lies the dilemma. How can we navigate our battles, without going completely into survival mode, and still get to the other side of the disagreement with our integrity intact? I mean, after all, our brains have been practicing survival for 2 million years. That’s a hard habit to break.

In this course, we’ll explore what causes friction and help guide you through what triggers conflict for you. We provide a multitude of strategies in working through issues. Additionally, we analyze your strengths in being resilient through leadership disputes and struggles. Strategically we can then identify what you need to do next time conflict presents itself in your leadership life.