The 5 Cs of Leading a High Performance Organization

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The most successful organizations, regardless of industry or complexity, share a short list of things in common. That list is our 5 C’s; Connectivity, Collaboration, Creativity, Common Purpose, and Celebrations. Learn how to leverage each of these areas to strengthen your position and elevate your leadership game.

Connectivity: This first segment kicks off the program with discovering attributes that connect individuals working as a team. Learn multiple ways in which employees have commonality, synergy, and similar value systems. Explore how these attributes play a role in their collective understanding of high-performance. These traits are the foundation of trust in any relationship. Gain insight with an in-depth examination of each of the 5 C’s.


Collaboration: Participants engage in identifying rules for successful collaboration within the organization. Each layer of the organization has its own rules of engagement. You learn what collaboration looks like, sounds like, and feels like from each organization’s layer.


Creativity: Creative minds offer companies a wealth of opportunity for innovation across the spectrum of business. However, what often gets overlooked is how organizations approach creativity. Innovative employees require a ‘home’ for creative ideas to take shape. Discover what creativity brings to your organization and how it leverages you in your market.  


Common Purpose: The highest performing organizations have a laser-like focus on their purpose. The task of leadership is to get that message to be sustainable and pervasive within the organization. This journey often loses momentum when disruption occurs. In this segment, participants learn the true meaning of commitment from the business perspective and understand how shared purpose and collective responsibility lay the foundation for future success. 


Celebrations: Celebrations are crucial to innovation, collaboration, and moral. Learn the tricks and traits that make your employees feel loyal to you. To boost your team into a high-performing organization, design intentional activities that reflect the effort individuals put forth. Celebrate those who dedicate themself to their employer. So each member of the team gets recognized for their contributions get creative in planning celebrations.