Discovering Your Leadership Voice

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Discovering Your Leadership Voice – online course.


Congratulations! Whether you have chosen or have been placed to be in the role of managing, supervising, or leading others, you now are in the decision-making world of leadership. Suppose this was a willful decision on your behalf. In that case, you must have contemplated what life might be like in that space. You likely have taken at least some time to reflect on the types of decisions, your ‘style,’ or the range of influence you’ll have for your organization. Contrariwise, if you were assigned that role, the learning curve must accelerate quickly.


Discovering your leadership voice is the first step in not just doing the day-to-day tasks that you have been charged with, but now is the time where you can begin to assemble your style. Much of what you’ll experience in managing and supervising is on-the-fly. There absolutely will be moments where it feels as though you are building the plane as you fly it. You will succeed, and you will make mistakes – all of us have. So, don’t beat yourself up too quickly when you fall short. Learn from your mistakes and move on with resolve.