Building and Leading High-Performing Teams

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Being a member of a team means that you are now part of something bigger than yourself. You’ll have to figure out what your team needs from you as the leader, how you can support their mission, diffuse conflict when it arises, think creatively, allow each member of the team to shine, and so much more. In this course, you’ll learn the magic of what it takes to build and lead your team by extracting growth. Your job is to get them from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’ in a way that they likely couldn’t achieve on their own. This course teaches you a step-by-step model for doing just that.

One of the most exciting aspects of leadership is taking a group of people from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’ in a way that they likely could not have gotten on their own. That, by definition, is a coach. In this course, I want you to see yourself in that light – as your team’s head coach. You will be responsible for assembling everything, from how the team goes about engaging with each other, to how you hold a premium to accountability commitments. Further, you will allocate resources, ensuring that teammates will shine. In certain circumstances, you’ll be taking all the blame when the team misses the mark and delivering all the credit to the team when it succeeds.

As the head coach, you must possess an array of skills to manage the team toward peak performance. You must know when to accelerate the pace of the work with deadlines and expectations. Other times, you will have to be a psychologist and get into your team’s minds. You’ll be the cheerleader to inspire and motivate, as well as challenge the team to be more and give more. It sounds exhausting, and it is. The head coach wears many hats, and never gets a day off. So, being the head coach can be equally stressful yet simultaneously rewarding.